Tom Newton

In Indian music there is an instrument, strummed gently, called the Tambura. The player sets the tone and feel of a musical group of tablas, sitars and others. When the players improvise they will listen to the Tambura to remind them and guide them back to the theme of the composition being played.  This is what art does to me; it sets the tone and feelings of experience.

“If I can paint a picture that has meaning, or is from passion or out of necessity then personally I think it has a “point” and not just wasting time ”  Tom 

“If you cannot explain it simply then you do not understand it well enough” –Einstein


I understand that we all have appreciation. It may be a normal thing too, when looking at art and appreciating a picture ( or music or even a persons actions that are human and decent ) to remember then that inside us is someone who can appreciate … it is a core experience which is not privileged to a few others.  The pictures I have done and do are from experiences that have moved me in some way to paint. I always have. You don’t need to be hungry and live in a dingy and damp garret or suffer to paint  ( I speak from my own experience).  Look at children’s art or the ancient cave paintings. This is normal human behaviour. It cuts through all societies and is understood by looking and experiencing – not by intellect.  It is open to all.

I once lived in a small 6ft tent for three months- all my senses swamped with the look of a nearby lake. After some time and in different circumstances I was able to put on canvas the whole three months –pictures within a picture as a record to work from in the future perhaps?As a child I completed an abstract painting which still “has to” be painted 60 years later.  I hope that the Stowaway gallery will see this work – forever young.  If I can paint a picture out of need or necessity or passion then personally I feel it has a point and is not wasting time.


“The heart is an instrument that goes rusty if not used – is it possible to be a heartless artist ?” –Degas   


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