Hany Houssien

Hany Houssien’s Mask Paintings reference the ancient, iconic and cultural, fusing them in a Cubist tradition. Hany’s continuous series of Mask paintings allow for a unique inquiry into a culture whose images of Gods and Kings are set firmly in our imagination, he takes these influences and through the medium of paint re-imagines them and in doing so presents a new and changing portrait of Egypt.

Hany Houssien’s calls on his vast knowledge of Architecture and design and finds a natural affinity to the the technique of cubism. For Hany, the School of Cubism’ is the only credible way to get what you want and mean it. It’s the only technique to allow you to look at the surface within, underneath and between the lines, using the colour and the form is central in enabling a direct way into the deeper chambers that hold the secrets of the Pharaoh.

The Mask paintings are approached just as a Portrait painter would start a painting, however the sitter in this case is no longer alive. The Mask came after they died, made by somone else thousands of years ago, in fact made by the people he ruled over and who loved him. And so painting is not used as a way to destruct the image, painting is used to respectfully honour them and show love to this precious being and its existence. So keeping the surface intact is important, it shows a deeper understanding and respect of the splendour of the noble pharaoh.

Clues to what is being searched for during the making of the painting may possibly be in the titles, such as ‘Hypnotism, Eternity, Reincarnation, and the colours give away a time from long ago of golds and blues recapture its splendour. The paint reconstructs the meaning, and in this process of making the painting allows for feelings to surface, therefore a natural manipulation of the paint makes for a personal meeting place between the artist and the Pharaoh. Making the painting means you can meet them on or in your own terms, and explore fully your own obsession.

Cubism is the key that unlocks the mask. The Mask is fixed in a literal sense, but also in the imagination, Cubism has a way to shift the fixed points of the image across or down, therefore a gap opens up, that is a portal in, a digging out beyond the mask, almost able to dig out the meaning. a way to its secrets. Almost an uncovering at the foot of a tomb, much like an excavation. Therefore its is the statics lines of cubism that keeps the original form of the Mask together and simultaneously enables you to breaks into the form, and the vibrant colours used attempt to keep the spirit and meaning alive.

The action of making the mask is an obsession of love, the more you paint, the closer the connection becomes, this love takes it to the limits and this inquiry like love is endless, more will be painted.

Born in Cairo

Bachelor of Applied Arts Cairo University

Bachelor of Architectural Interior Design

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  Australia

Professional Syndicate of Plastic Arts

Registration Egyptian National Committee

International Association of Art



Hany Houssien art exhibitions


Opera Music Hall Cairo Opera – march 2015

Sawy Sakia cairo – 2014

Central Museum of Art Moscow – october 2011

Central Museum of Art Moscow – october 2011

Elhanager Culture Centre Cairo – november 2009

Elhanager Culture Centre Cairo – 2006

Studio 206 Maadi Cairo – 2006

Sawy Sakia Culture Centre Cairo – 2006

Sawy Sakia Culture Centre Cairo – 2005

OMC Organisation Geneva – 2004

cde cercle du enterpres Geneva – 2002

OMC Organisation Geneva – 1998

Gallery of Arab Culture Melbourne – 1992

Joens Art Group Dusseldorf – 1988

Ediart dr Blanco Geneva – 1986

Galerie des Bergues Geneva – 1984

Gallerie du Theatre Geneva – 1979

Mondial du Commerce

Munster Arms Gallery Melbourne – 1979

Roger Ferrero Gallery Geneva 1977

Television Appearances

Hany is a regular, guest Arts presenter for Television show Good Morning Egypt and Saydaty & Nile TV

Download a list of Hany Houssien’s Artwork details and dimensions.